Briana Banderas

Since first joining the adult industry in 2016 when she was only nineteen, hot Russian blonde Briana Banderas has gained a lot of prestige, and has built up her confidence so much that sucking and fucking in front of the camera has become almost second nature to the sexy starlet. The big-boobed beauty spent her childhood growing up in Rybinsk, a small town located between Moscow and St. Petersburg, until she was old enough to go traveling across Europe, where she made a serious impact in the smut biz. Now, with a promising career in porn ahead of her, green-eyed Briana has put down roots in the vibrant and colorful city of Barcelona, and when she isn’t busy working, she enjoys partying and dancing all night long. Check out this curvaceous babe as she shakes her big booty and titties in the scenes below!

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